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Team Liza

Meet the Volunteers of "Liza's Lids"

Liza (Survivor/Founder), Christina (Catering/Marketing) Susie (Photographer), Erica (Fundraising),Tina Newell (Fundraising) Candy Grove(Fundraising) Kristine Garvey (Sales), Iris Johnson (Sales)

Photo Taken June 2016 at Memories Charcoal House Patio

Being "Team Liza" means you support her cause and all the efforts of the charity.These individuals listed below are people who assisted Liza in bringing this website to fruition. Each member brings their own talents and have offered their services to the foundation.

Feel free to reach out to the members below if you have any questions or are in need of their services.

Ask for Lois (The Owner)

Printing - Lois gives back to Breast Cancer in a BIG WAY. Capital Sport and Swim prints all of Liza's Lids T-shirts and tank tops, Baseball Jerseys (SAVE 2nd Base), FIGHT LIKE A GIRL shirts, POKER HER FOR BREAST CANCER Sweat Shirts, and Hats.

Capital Sport and Swim Printing

Phone: 301-949-7366

Fax: 301-942-7946

Email Us

Christina Poole

Marketing Specialist and Catering - Christina throws the best parties; whether it's a baby shower, bridal shower, wedding, birthday party or the Liza's Lids Ladies Luncheon. She serves the best food, brings the most inviting atmosphere and is wonderful with the decorations. Do you have a function that needs catering? 

Susie Costantino

Photographer-Susie does a wide range of photography; from wildlife, family portraits, fundraisers and most recently photographing Breast Cancer patients though their journey. Susie brings the highest level of professionalism to this website.

Erica Etter

Fundraiser-Erica works to increase the contributions of individuals, groups, community and businesses. She builds relationships and explores new fundraising opportunities for Liza's Lids. Erica works to raise awareness about our charity's work and goals. Erica is in charge of creating all fundraising Raffle ideas.

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